Aarhus Fashion day 2015

4th of October 2015 – at Studenterhus Aarhus (Student House)

   I had the chance to attend a fashion show in the Student house on October 2015. During the first part of the ”Aarhus fashion day” event there were young Danish fashion designers selling and presenting their creation. Such as the brand BeWooden, a fashion accessories brand with handmade wooden items (bowties, wallets, belts, cufflinks…). I asked one designer standing at her stall, why is Danish fashion so black ? She wasn’t that opened for discussion so she just answered “Because we want to be simple“.  At this moment I realised that what i had learned from the book Heureux comme un danois (As happy as a Dane) by Malene Rydahl was true. They want to be simple and modest, they don’t want to stand out

Then there was the fashion show where students from a Fashion Design degree showed us their hand-crafted clothes. I was impressed not only by the beauty of the models (Let’s be honest, Scandinavian people are flawless) but above all by the work performed by these students. Everything was black, grey and white. Sometimes i was surprised to see orange clothes (!), the complete opposite of pure and subtle colors as black&white. Perhaps it’s their way to dare and be original. Basically, I’ve seen neoprene and glossy materials, coloured fur, turtleneck, transparency, white shirts, redesigned classic jackets like parkas, Bikers, Bombers, fluid and thin fabrics

This fashion show perfectly conveyed the image of what is Danish fashion:

Very structured – Uncluttered – Black&White – Very long or very short – All about lines – Innovative – Subtle – Discreet 

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(The diaporama shows some photos from the Aarhus Fashion Day event Facebook page)

The fashion show’s final
The leaflet of the event



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