Dior and I event

22nd October 2015 – Doc Lounge Aarhus

I’ve been to a very-French event on October 2015 in Aarhus. Indeed, it was dedicated to the movie Dior and I – or the collaboration between the Belgian fashion designer Raf Simons and the legendary French fashion house founded by Christian Dior.

When i entered the venue the atmosphere was so chic. There was this jazzy and timeless background music played by a French pianist Claude Chicon who has been living in Denmark for more than 30 years. A flowerwall was created in reference to the movie (see further in this article) so that they could take photos of the guests in front of it. There was also champagne and petits fours offered. A collection of sculptural creation from the VIA Design & Business students was displayed in the room. I was impressed by the ideas and work they’ve done as part of their Creative form project.


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(Here is some photos of their Creative form creation that i was lucky to see for real)

Now let’s talk about the Dior and I movie.

The documentary created by the French director Frédéric Tcheng offers the viewer a privileged insight of the Christian Dior fashion house. It shows the behind-the-scenes at the creation of Raf Simons’ first haute couture collection as its new artistic director.

During eight weeks Tcheng filmed the Simons’ arrival in the company and the collection Fall 2012 Couture from scratch.

Dior and I gave me a deep insight into:

The inspiration of the whole collection’s image

The process from the idea of patterns, materials to the creation of a haute couture garment

The language and communication barriers

The rush and stress of the last-minute touch-ups

The endless and flawless work of the Dior seamstresses

The fashion show backstages (with the wonderful Simons’ idea to fill the fashion show venue with blooms from ceiling to floor to translate the Christian Dior’s obsession with flowers)

The Raf Simons’ doubts and satisfactions during this collection but also his demanding and calm personality

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(Here is some photos from the Dior and I documentary and the fashion show)

Curious coincidence, the day after I’ve seen that Raf Simons stepped down from Dior house (See the article). To be honest I was disappointed because I began to trust in that collaboration after seeing the fashion show Fall 2012 in the documentary. I said ‘began’ because before that, i’d always thought that Raf Simons had nothing to do with an Haute couture house. Even though he was an asset to breathe new life into Dior collections, to recalibrate its code and add a modernist view, Raf Simons’ style will always be about minimalism, futuristism, innovative, man-focused and streetwear. 

PS: The Dior and I official trailer


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