Freya Dalsjø or the colourful graphic design

I don’t think black is necessary anymore

This is an unusual quotation from a creator from the happiest country in the world (Paradoxical isn’t it?).

Freya Dalsjø is one of the Danish fashion designer who remains rooted in the Danish style but adds something more, like a revival.

When I was watching Copenhagen Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2016, I quite simply fell in l♥ve with the spirit her fashion show stemmed from:

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The AW 16 during the Copenhagen Fashion Week

The creator  
Freya Dalsjø

Her studies
Fashion Department in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp (Belgium)

Brand established in
2012 – Copenhagen

F.D.’s signature style
colourful and artful furs / graphic shapes / avant-gardism / high quality material / contemporary luxury / architectural approach / neoprene / silk / unexpected colors 


Design for me is about exploring and challenging the boundaries of material; the body and aesthetic. As a designer I aim to challenge these physical constraints and social constructs.”  Freya

Brief history

In 2012, when the brand was launched, Freya had the chance to open Copenhagen Fashion Week with her Girl Power SS13 debut collection … It was such a success that it led her to show the AW13 collection entitled Monokrom at London Fashion Week.

AW13 collection – Monokrom

In 2013, she was honoured to receive the award Søvtråden, an annual prize rewarding the most promising talents in the Danish fashion industry. Since that day, she has presented her brand at Copenhagen Fashion Week biannually.

In the course of this year, she launched Windows SS14 collection. Here is the campaign video. This collection truly established what is the Freya Dalsjø’s essence and identity. Windows portrayed delicacy, lightness and luxury with silk and fur (the F.D.’s signature material – See “The use of fur” below). This collection combined patchworks of colors – combination of blue, brown, grey, green, architectural lines, long garments with same-sized robes…

SS14 collection – Windows

In 2014, she was nominated for Dansk (=Danish) Design Talent 2015 and participated in an exhibition at the National Museum of Denmark.

During the same year the fashion designer released Vector AW14 collection and Ready-to-Wear SS15 collection. Vector is a very interesting collection with unexpected shapes along with a long coat draped with black fur as the flagship of this season.

AW14 collection – Vector 

SS15 collection – Ready-to-Wear

In 2015, Readymade AW15 collection was unveiled. Always with the duality between colours but with a kaki,grey and camel’s predominance. Here is the campaign video.

AW15 collection – Readymade

Besides, in 2015, she has been named as “Designer of the year” by Elle Style Awards’ jury and Deflower SS16 collection was released showing transparency and a white/beige’s dominance.

SS16 collection – Deflower

Her vision

Freya Dalsjø is a blend of tradition and avant-gardism – revitalizing and refreshing heritage techniques – addressing a broad target of women of all ages.

The collections are the reflection of Freya’s insight of beauty, feminity and elegance. At the same time she is rebuilding these concepts and “remaining critical to oppressive codes of dress of the past”.

Freya’s aspiration is to re-define luxury in a contemporary vision. Her creations are designed for movement and comfort with attention to detail and craftsmanship. The brand’s essence is contrast between materials, colours, textures and shapes. It is all about duality.

On F.D. website : “As her designs prove, Freya possesses great contextual and technical knowledge of fashion history, yet she avoids any direct referencing in her abstract oeuvre […] In just a few seasons, Dalsjø has positioned herself as the most promising designer in Denmark, with a strong international appeal and outlook and a rare total emphasis on high-end luxury.


The use of fur

From 2013, Freya has started a collaboration with the Danish fur producer Kopenhagen Fur. The aim was to “push the conventions for luxury material to the furthest”. Innovation, elegance, new processes and techniques, and respect for animal welfare are the watchwords of this partnership.

My favourite quotes from her

  • The world doesn’t need more white T-shirts, it needs awareness and appreciation of sustainable production and products.”
  • “I am very interested in different sorts of mess. Things situated in wrong contexts, odd contrasts and combinations, something that feels off or unusual. I wanted to mess the silhouette, identity or beauty ideal up a bit, creating something that felt more personal, real and inspired by how we usually dress, mixing very different types of garments in a look.”
  • “Conflicting elements are to me the basis of an aesthetic inquiry, and we often juxtapose adverse colors to form new aesthetic expressions.”
  • “We approach fashion design with a sensibility resembling more that of the painter or the sculptor, in which technical realization becomes a formative moment on its own.”

Here is a short interview of her


Freya Dalsjø’s website /  fb_icon_325x325 /téléchargement



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