AGURK or the unusually funny streetwear

Brand logo
SS16 collection sample

When I asked some Danish people if they know a Danish fashion brand set up in Aarhus, and Agurk came out. I checked their website and I literally fell in love with Agurk’s identity.  So I decided to contact the owners Vibbe and Camilla and ask them a slew of questions… Here is the report of it:


The AGURK’s onset 

AGURK was founded in 2014 when Camilla and Vibbe were still students in their BA fashion design at the Danish design school TEKO (in Aarhus). Both of them had the dream that every future fashion designer has: build their own brand. This collaboration was born when realising that they shared the same design universe – colors, prints and experimenting silhouettes – and the same willingness: to create a feminine street wear style.

Vibbe & Camilla – the founders


The AGURK’s concept 

“AGURK is a creative design company with an innovative and sustainable profile.” C & V are very mindful of the environment; they use organic GOTS certified cotton & minimize any waste of material during the production.

The term AGURK means cucumber in Danish – derives from the expression “to go bananas” – meaning of the loss of self-control and be humouristic while cherishing Danish values.

They target an urban woman – with a sense of humour – aged 20-35. The AGURK woman “drinks beer rather than strawberry daiquiri … is a creative girl, fashion conscious and a trendsetter, although she does not see herself that way.”


The AGURK’s inspiration 

What makes AGURK stand out from other fashion brands is that they use storytelling rather than following a trend. When starting a new collection they explore a lot of themes and stories (and even go to the library). When the research process is done, they create the story and start designing.

Process of the Spring/Summer 2016 collection called “Funfair”

They used a Danish Tivoli as the collection theme and took inspiration from the three characters from a Danish Tivoli who are a part of a play; Harlekin, Pjerrot and Colombine (from La Commedia Dell’arte). At the time, these were bearer of making fun of the nobility and nowadays it’s more a refined version about love. “La Commedia Dell’arte of AGURK is about entertaining and engaging.”

C & V wanted to capture the atmosphere of a tivoli: playful minds, letting out our inner child, loss of self-control. The inspiration of the lead SS16 print is an old-fashion slot machine – machine builds on an illusion and luck. “The Funfair is a phenomenon of a bubble that only contains happiness and amusement.”

Stage 1: The collage of inspiration
Stage 2: The sketching stage
Stage 3: The print inspiration – from the slot machine to the final print
Stage 4: The SS16 final line-up


Process of the Autumn/Winter 2015 collection called “Tripping”

Stage 1: Storytelling = Sami people, the native population of northern Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia

LineupStage 2: The sketches of the final line-up


Stage 3: The AW15 final line-up


The AGURK’s design process from scratch

After having created the story, Vibbe is developing the prints and Camilla is designing the collection lineup. “When the collection is ready we construct the patterns for each style our selves and send them to our manufacturer in Poland, who are making the collection samples.” The main material C & V use are neoprene, nylon and organic cotton.


The AGURK’s communication

We all know that social media use is essential for the success of a brand since it’s all about interaction with potential-or-not customers. That is why they use social media as a marketing communication tool such as their own blog (a real backstage of AGURK where they are very transparent regarding the process of their collection – we can see the inspirations, prints, sketches, prototypes, their trips etc.) , Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Apart from that, they use ambassadors to wear the clothes on stage and so on. Besides, AGURK attends fashion events in Denmark such as Revolver Fashion trend show and Flavors Inspire – a digital event where the brand that had the biggest share of hashtags won the prize.

AGURK at Flavors Inspire fashion event


The AGURK’s opinion about Danish fashion

“Danish fashion is typically very minimalistic and the Danish often wear black or grey colors. In general the seasons become kind of monotone and similar.This means that AGURK is not really typical Danish or Scandinavian fashion. We want to challenge the way we dress and the way we buy clothes as well. The fashion season is so short – in 2-3 months a collection is out-dated and we think that is such a shame. That is why we don’t operate in trends, but in stories. In our opinion this makes the clothes timeless and you can wear them again and again, season after season.”


Talk about AGURK and talk with AGURK

AGURK Website /  fb_icon_325x325  /  Pinterest logo /  téléchargement




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