Danish people

Denmark is à la mode and this is how I will prove it to you.

When being on the street or attending cultural events I am always meeting stylish people – very often who are not aware that they are – people whose desire is not to enhance the body shapes but rather to structure it in their own way, people who use their body as their playground, people who are not afraid of showing their personality without showing off and putting on clothes without thinking of what other people are going to think. 

Danish people embody a new era of open-mindedness, freedom and beauty and offer to others an interesting and inspirational visual.

I am gonna show you an insight of what these people are…



 This is Amalie – Vintage shop owner and singer

 Met her at the Secondhand  Bazar event (Studenterhus)









This is Sophie – Architecture student

Met her in the street randomly
















This is Tobias – Sound designer

Met him at the ‘Copenhagen Laptop Orchestra’ event during the Internet Week Denmark (Dokk1)









Sans titre 3

This is Shawn – Rapper (LPC) & Victor – Rapper (Eye N’ Eye) (& the funny unknown girl)

Met them at the ‘HIP HOP på TAPE – BOOST’ – Hip hop music event (TAPE)







This is Jimmy & Freja – Fashion model 

Met them in the street randomly





This is Mia Mireya – Dancer and future Art & Design student

Met her in the street randomly during a parade



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         This is Josephine – Works in a café & Tobias – Electronic engineering student and electronic music creator

Met them at the Secondhand  Bazar event (Studenterhus)



New photos coming…


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